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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Week of School!

This week starts my first week at my new position in my agency. I am now a school based therapist- think outpatient therapy but my office is at the school.

I could not be any more excited about this switch in positions. First off, I have my own office and I feel much more in control of my environment- as opposed to my years of experience dealing with in-home work. I have spent way to much money trying to bulk up my supply of therapeutic tools for the kiddos.
See- I have room for more!

Every day, I get a little happier with the way my office is set up. Regrettably, I haven't been able to see any of my kids this week. I have a mound of paperwork and signatures I need before I can start pulling them from class.

Every poster has a picture a kid drew of each emotion!

Secondly, I am in an elementary school which is my favorite age group to work with. My school also seems very supportive of my program. Every teacher I have met so far has been very nice and welcoming. Even my principal is fun and engaging. I do need to make some friends soon- sitting in my office without someone to talk to will slowly drive me crazy!

The only way this job could be any better is if I got to work off the school calendar. Since I am not technically a school employee I still have to work summers and school breaks. I think it is my new life goal to figure out how to work a 10 month job.

Hope everyone with kiddos had a great first week of school!

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