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Sunday, August 5, 2012


I had to take a break after my 30 day Challenge! My brain just had nothing else to say.

I wanted to update you guys on the most recent crafts I have done around the house.

Last month, my husband fulfilled his dream of picking up my dad's childhood piano. My parents have been wanting to get rid of it for years but we just haven't had time to drive out to Texas to get it.

Slowly but surely, my home is turning into an instrument shop. We- and by we I mean my husband- own four guitars, a ukulele, a full drum set, harmonicas, an electric piano, and now our wall piano. My husband's mom also owns an organ that he is determined to get once we have more room. If we ever have a home with room for a man cave it will consist of musical instruments.

Honestly, the piano is in pretty good shape- but needs to be tuned badly! My only real complaint was that piano bench fabric. I am pretty sure that my dad got this piano in the late 60s- early 70s and the fabric is not only ugly but it was falling apart.

I went to my trusty pinterest and learned how to reupholster. Since I can't sew I just used a handy-dandy staple gun and it worked out just fine. I bought a yard of white fabric and a yard of pretty fabric. I wrapped the white fabric around first- just to make sure the hunter green wouldn't show through. Then I wrapped my pretty fabric. It was easy- anyone can do it!

If you want more detailed instructions I used this blog: In My Own Style. She has a lot more pictures to help you out.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! This morning our toilet exploded sewage everywhere so we have had  a lovely morning. Waiting on a plumber now- nothing like poop water to ruin your weekend. Ha ha

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