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Thursday, September 20, 2012


I suppose I just need to accept the fact that I am a lazy blogger. I just lose focus. I have even thought of several blog posts recently- yet I have not written a single one. Recipes that I have already broken out that remind me of football season, my fall wreath, other random thoughts. Not a single one written.

You know what's really sad? The main reason I haven't written them is because it would require me to break out my nice camera and take a good picture- and well, who has time for that?

Anyway, instead I thought I would entertain you with why I love my job. Being in an elementary school all day is probably the most hilarious experience in my life. One, it's just visually funny watching little kids with giant book bags and their fingers up to the mouths (so they don't talk). Is that mean? It may be- but still quite funny. They literally look like at any moment they could explode just because of their need to talk.

Favorite moments to date:

I have the joy- sometimes joy, other times hate- of having an intercom in my office. So every morning I get to hear the morning/afternoon announcements. One day, the kids got "on the air" to run for student body president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. All of them got to answer the question- What is the main reason you should be elected? Best answer- BECAUSE I'M AWESOME! I mean the kid practically screamed it. Then, as usual, some little girl quite seriously explained, “because I do not run in the hall”. Clearly that is very important.

I have clients that are either: A- shy and afraid to talk much or B- loud and nutso (but in a good way). Today, I had a kid telling me that in China they make handcuffs that if you move or wiggle will get tighter and tighter until you start to bleed- then they release. While explaining this he used rubber bands on his hands and was bouncing around to demonstrate how one would try to get out of handcuffs. When I asked him how he knows this. "Because I went to visit my granddad in Kansas and his hands were bloody". Duh- gosh why am I so slow?

Or my absolute favorite client *sarcastic* who enjoys belittling me. To date I have been informed: I look like I have cancer, I look like I cry a lot, my laugh is weird and gets stuck in her head, I have corns on my feet, and she thinks I am married to a woman. Honestly, I have to force myself to laugh at this stuff or else I might start living up to the whole crying thing.

I really think I could just about update every day with amusing things my kids say. What do you think?

Oh and P.S. - It's almost Friday!!


  1. Love it...yes your laugh gets stuck in my head, i have seen the corns on the bottom of your feet, and shawn isn't a woman? miss you much!

  2. Your new job sounds AWESOME! :)