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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding...

Yes I got sucked into the pomp and circumstance of this historic event. Maybe because my wedding is only two weeks away and this wedding is the ultimate fantasy. I would never want to live that life- everyone watching your every move and thinking they know everything about you- but it was a beautiful wedding.
I thought her dress was classic and lovely. My mom has always talked about Grace Kelly- she thinks she is the ultimate icon of beauty and class. We noticed that Kate's dress is so much like Grace Kelly's wedding dress.

All of this has made me realize I have a ton to do with my wedding plans! On Friday I finally got my wedding dress (diet is still needed although now it does zip!) and we went downtown to get our marriage license. If feels very official now. I also started working on my party favors.
I bought spice jars from Ikea and I have been hoarding M&Ms for months. I have mint, normal, and peanut butter M&Ms. I also put little stickers on the jars with my new last name inital. It's amazing what you can do on your own! I really love these little jars.
Now I have started tying the ribbons on. The ribbon matches the bridesmaid's dresses but I was eleven jars short. Now I have to stalk Micheal's stores until I find another spool of the correct color! I finally have my final head count so I made a starter seating chart. My mom is now busy editing it because seating charts make me go crazy. Hopefully I can figure out a creative way to make the seating chart so people will know which table to sit at.

It seems like the big day is right around to corner and  time is flying by. All these little details are time consuming but I kind of enjoy doing them. It feels like I am putting in little pieces of me. I mean, really, what else would I give as a party favor but sweets!

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