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Friday, November 2, 2012

Photo A Day- October

I have watched a fellow blogger post "photo a day" challenges every month for quite some time. She always has fun pictures and I have wanted to join in for months- but I always seem to remember in the middle of the month and I figure I am too far gone.

We both get our challenge lists from an Australian blogger: Fat Mum Slim. And I can guarantee she already has November's list up.

I must admit that I would often forget for several days in a row and then I would have to go back and take several pictures. But, I completed it! And it was quite fun. The challenge really made me think about what would be an interesting picture. Although, I have a lot of room for improvement in that area!

October Photos:
1. Where you stood
We were finally able to get back to New Hampshire to visit the hubby's parents this month. Wouldn't you love to have a yard like theirs?

2. Lunchtime
No one can say I'm not a creature of habit- I don't leave the house without these two things every day. 

3. This happened today
We flew back home from New Hampshire- vacations are never as fun when you are coming home. 

4. What you read
It's pretty awesome...

5. Shadow
The extra bedroom in our house has thin drapes so as the sun sets that room gets  a little creepy. 

6. Thankful for?
Cause look at them! They are adorable! 

7. Light
Proof that I wake up way to early!

8. Angle
My Ikea bookcase/best purchase ever for this house. It holds everything and acts as a room separator. 

9. Red
The infamous red chair that the boys all fight over cause it's so comfy. 

10. Emotion
You can tell you are a therapist when: you have a wall of emotion posters...

11. Something close up
Flowers in the backyard in New Hampshire

12. On the table
When my mom came to visit in August we painted pottery with a Groupon I got. My bowl is now hanging out on my table. 

13. Landscape
Seriously, you can never say New Hampshire isn't beautiful in the fall! 

14. Makes you laugh
I'm still laugh so hard I cry when I look at this. My husband always wears aviator sunglasses. Who knew that when the lenses fall out they turn into creepy 80s/pedophile glasses?

15. Dinner Time
5 Guys= Love

16. Something you wrote

This was on my easel at work for most of October.

17. Fruit
Always have some! 

18. Made you smile today
May be dorky but this is my favorite wreath I have made so far. It has claimed it's spot till after Thanksgiving. 

19. Letters
A Hobby Lobby purchase

20. 4: o'clock
Ok- let's be honest. I TRY to be there but sometimes the couch calls to me.

21. Calm
I have realized that I can draw cartoons pretty well and it calms me when I have down time at work.

22. In your town
We live close to main street in Pineville, NC. 

23. The view from here
Another view from the plane ride home at the beginning of the month. 

24. Weather
My favorite time of year- leaves changing and cold weather! 

25. People
We went to the state fair in Maine when we visited New Hampshire- it was the only picture I could think of this month with "people". 

26. Listening to
She speaks to me! 

27. Morning
Cold weather= tea every morning. I love it. 

28. Looking back
Pretty much the last time I could wear a bikini. 

29. Moon
More proof that I wake up way to early. 

30. Clothes
All of these clothes have officially been changed out with my sweaters. Cold weather is here! 

31. Whatever you please
I LOVE my pumpkin- cause who doesn't love The Nightmare Before Christmas? 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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