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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday

I would now like to take one post to complain. Prepare yourselves.

Every year my mom calls me looking for a "list". What do you want for Christmas? For a long time now my answer is always "I have no idea". Really, once you get past the "believing in Santa Claus" years what do you really need? It's not like I am going to pee my pants over an American Girl doll anymore.

I digress- this year I still had no idea what I wanted. Then, finally I decided I would take the plunge and use my money on a nice pair of leather boots. The ones that all the cute girls are wearing right now. I knew this would be a challenge as I have been cursed with the man calves from hell.

Well, my first issue is that every boot I like is WAY to expensive. These boots from J. Crew are probably my favorites and they are only- oh- $400. Ha ha- never gonna happen. Surely this means I have amazing taste though, right?

But I had high hopes- I will find boots on Black Friday sale! I ventured out into the madness with one of my friends and proceeded to go to at least five shoe stores and try on at least 20 boots. And what do I find- the man calves from  hell prevented every boot I tried on to zip, pull up, wedge on, etc. I wanted to scream!

Seriously, you know those people you see who look like they have been poured into their pants and now look like a stuffed sausage? Well, who knew that your calf could also look that way when it is flopping over a boot zipper. Gross.

I now believe I could be a millionaire if I made nice wide-calf boots. Now I am being subjected to Internet surfing for hours to find boots. I still have hopes though! I will find a cute boot!

P.S- please tell me I am not the only one with this issue or I officially just sounded like a complete nut job.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone enjoyed a good Thanksgiving with family and friends. I, of course, enjoyed it by jumping the gun and decorating for Christmas. I may or may not have bought my Christmas tree the weekend before Thanksgiving. I may or may not have scared the salesman because we were the first people there. I will neither confirm nor deny these allegations.

We also discovered that trying to fit a 6 foot tree into a town home is not exactly easy. The tree had to be wedged into a corner because our furniture is to big. I was pretty excited though. I even have gifts already wrapped!
I have my stockings hung and the other decorations around the house. We went to my in-laws home for Thanksgiving this year and my husband's mom even surprised us with an early Christmas gift- a nativity set:
I knew I couldn't afford one this year so it was a nice gift. This set was even made in Italy so I feel nice and fancy. We had a good time at Thanksgiving- I even brought one of my southern butter-laden casseroles and it was almost entirely eaten! 6 pounds of squash casserole demolished- I think that is a success- but really who doesn't like a dish with 2 full sticks of butter in it?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So busy!

I feel like I have not updated in weeks. The new job is going well- but with trainings and trying to go out to do sessions with my kids I am working 10-12 hour days right now. It is kind of exhausting!

This weekend was the first time in ages that my husband and I had off- with no plans. It is a miracle! We got out Christmas stuff- ok I got out Christmas fun while my husband reminded me it wasn't even Thanksgiving yet. I just couldn't hold it in any longer!

I also went to the grocery store for Thanksgiving supplies. We are eating with my husband's side of the family and I offered to make one of my dishes that they don't usually make- squash casserole. Do you know how many squash you have to buy for 6 pounds- about a million!

I was also sucked into another kit like the whoopie pie- I'm telling you they call to me:
A pumpkin bread kit- amazing! I made it into a bundt cake form but you could also make a bread loaf, muffins, etc. It is really good. My husband has been devouring it.

I also became annoyed because I just cannot find a "first year of being married" ornament that I like. My mom did send me a neat idea- but I don't know if I can count it as an ornament.
This article was from Better Homes and Gardens. Basically, every year this family takes the bottom inch that is cut off their Christmas Tree and decorates it to hang from the mantel. They have been married 19 years. I think it is such a neat idea and will show off our many years together by the time we are at 19!

P.S.- IF you use fake trees as your Christmas tree don't even get me started. The only weird thing about our tree is that the place where we bought ours has "special" tree stands. The tree stands have a stick in the middle of them so this place drills a hole in the tree trunk to set it on- hence the hole in my tree inch thing. I may just use that hole to put ribbon through or just ignore it. It adds charm right??

Sunday, November 13, 2011


This weekend has been really great so far. One of my friends from graduate school came back to visit. We spent hours on Sunday at the Southern Christmas Show. For those of you that don't live in this area- let me explain what that is.

Imagine the biggest place ever- now fill it with every Christmas decoration known to man- and you have somewhat of an idea of what the Southern Christmas Show is. I went on the hunt for two things- a Christmas tree topper and these swirly glittery things that my mom puts in our tree and yet we have never found again.

I was successful on both fronts! I was nervous about finding a tree topper. I like stars and my husband likes angels- so there was already a dilemma. First off, I saw no angels- anywhere. I thought that was kind of odd. So, instead I looked at the stars and tried to find one that looked like him.
It is made with twine and already has lights built in. It will look great in our farm that we will own one day- at least that is how I tried to convince my husband and get his approval! Actually he really liked it- thank goodness!

I was even more excited to find my swirly things for the tree. My mom and I have been looking for them for years. Hers have become so old that they are losing their glitter and they are breaking. I finally found a booth at the Southern Christmas Show that had them. And not just one kind- tons of colors!

I got a pack of gold and my friend got some red ones- and we traded. I always liked them because when you separate them and add them to the tree- one at a time- they add just a little sparkle. Plus I feel fancy.

And last- but not least- I made my Christmas wreath. I had the urge to make it early- why? Oh, because my adorable fall wreath fell off my door- in the wind- and broke in two. Yeah- I was not a happy camper.

But my new wreath is pretty amazing- if I do say so myself! It took me FOREVER to finish but it was so worth it.
It is all made out of felt. I made the felt poinsettia flowers on Friday night and spent HOURS doing the white felt on Saturday night. Thankfully, my husband was camping with his friends so he does not know quite how crazy I was to start this project.

I got both ideas from pinterest- the wreath tutorial was from-

Now, I will admit that her wreath was only 12 inches. I made a big wreath- so if you make it prepare yourself to look like a crazy person when you buy your white felt. When you think you have enough- buy another stack- and that may come close. I made my circle template out of CDs- her template was only 3 inch circles.

The poinsettia flowers were a little easier- well as far as time.-

I think I will make more so I can have the ornaments also. Happy Crafting!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Because I believe I was born in the wrong generation...

Because I believe I should have been born in another generation- for the music and bellbottoms alone....

And because any member of the Beatles can ALWAYS make me feel better...
P.S. Yes I am aware that the lyrics are not exactly right...I may have cut some corners.


Imagine there's no Heaven 
It's easy if you try 
No hell below us 
Above us only sky 
Imagine all the people 
Living for today 

Imagine there's no countries 
It isn't hard to do 
Nothing to kill or die for 
And no religion too 
Imagine all the people 
Living life in peace 

You may say that I'm a dreamer 
But I'm not the only one 
I hope someday you'll join us 
And the world will be as one 

Imagine no possessions 
I wonder if you can 
No need for greed or hunger 
A brotherhood of man 
Imagine all the people 
Sharing all the world 

You may say that I'm a dreamer 
But I'm not the only one 
I hope someday you'll join us 
And the world will live as one 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Since it is our first year being married I have suddenly realized I have absolutely nothing ready for Christmas. I never wanted to get a tree until we were married. I love everything about real Christmas trees and I just wanted to save that memory for our first Christmas together.

But now I have realized how much stuff I need to buy- lights, a tree stand, stockings, a tree skirt. The list seems to just go on and on- just to get the basics! My mom always talks about how on my parent's first year married she had no Christmas ornaments for her tree- I guess my dad being in seminary did not help them have a lot of money! Due to this I have gotten at least one ornament every year of my life.

I have a lot of ornaments- but they are stuck in Texas. So much for planning! Looks like I will have to buy at least a few ornaments this year.

The one thing I have had fun doing lately is making our Christmas stockings. Michael's is one store I really should not go into- and yet I can't resist it. The last time I went they were Christmas crazy and they even had kits for making your own stocking- and obviously I had to make them!
I have made several other Christmas crafts- but since they will end up being Christmas presents for our friends and family I figure I shouldn't post those projects!

On a completely different topic- I have mentioned before that I have a very loud husband and I would just like to give a shining example of this. On Sunday, we went to Sam's Club together. Upon walking in he was so busy getting out his membership card that he left his aviator sunglasses on. How dumb do people look when they wear sunglasses inside?

Then he immediately noticed the IPad 2 stand and proceeded to scream/whine- "I want an IPad 2". Cue everyone around us to turn around and stare at the crazy guy with sunglasses on whining in the entrance of Sam's Club- oh and the girl next to him.

Then I proceeded to inform him- "You are aware we are in public- and you still have your sunglasses on". His response- "yep, but it is just to fun to embarrass you". Lovely

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cooking Crazy

This weekend was kind of busy because my dad came into town. I hate that my parents live so far away but it defiantly makes visits even more worthwhile and fun. I also went a little crazy because I went into one of my cooking modes.
Why is my brother reading a video game magazine?
When my dad was here- which would have been the logical time to go cooking crazy- I made simple meals like this one. Manicotti, caesar salad, and a yummy french loaf of bread. Plus I had to get my dad red wine. We don't really drink wine- so I am classy and served it up in a glass. Didn't really remember to register for wine glasses during the wedding phase- oops.

Instead I went cooking crazy on Sunday. When I decide to go cooking crazy I end up with way to much food- and never enough people to eat it. I suppose I should actually plan a party when I do things like that but I never do. I then think my husband can just invite his friends over the day of "to watch a football game". Not a good planner.
This is the leftovers- that is right leftovers- of my meal. I made a spicy pulled pork, squash casserole, rice, and yeast rolls. Did you know that they only sell pork butts in like 8 pound quantities- yeah me neither. Planning- must learn planning skills.

I also started my new job! It seems good so far- just going through all the trainings and orientations that always go along with a mental health position. I think it will be nice because it seems that, other than my therapy sessions, I will be able to work from home. I can't believe I can finally say that I will have "therapy sessions".

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Now I get to go eat the leftover sweets!