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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crafty Thursdays

In college I learned to crochet and knit. By that, I mean I learned how to crochet and knit scarves- and that's it. I never learned how to venture into patterns. I like to look at other people's amazing work and wish I had stuck with it. At this point I would have to re-teach myself even basic stuff.

Lately, I have thought these amigurumi animals are so cute. It is a Japanese word and it's basically a really cute animal with a large head. So here is yet another crafty thing that I wish I could accomplish.

5 Amigurumi Crochet Animals:
I have been obsessed with this elephant for over a year. She doesn't have a pattern and I have searched places like etsy for a long time for something similar. I have never seen a cuter elephant than this one. I love it!

From: Etsy

From: Ana's Amigurumi Patterns

From: Etsy
 Anybody else seen Fantastic Mr. Fox? Great movie!

From:Amigurumi Patterns

Happy Crafting,

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