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Friday, April 13, 2012

One of those weeks...

Do you ever take vacation and when you get home your realize it may have been easier to just stay home. This has been one of those weeks. We had such a good time in Atlanta for Easter though:
We played nerf war with the kids- and by we I mean my husband ran around like a manic all weekend and I took pictures. My husband is like a large child and therefore the cousins are pretty much obsessed with him. They were like little spider monkeys hanging off of him all weekend. Just look at his face:
There were seven kids under the age of 11 with us and my husband just might have been made kid number eight. We also had, at least, ten easter egg hunts.
And we blew bubbles to entertain the little ones. I also stuffed myself with sweets and completely forgot the whole- trying to lose weight thing. Oh well, I have already been back to the gym 4 times since then.
I spent my weekend hogging the newest addition to the family.
That is when the oldest of the seven kids didn't have her. We didn't get any real pictures of the whole gang so here are just a few of my favorites.

BUT- then I get home and our dryer belt breaks. Our dryer is so old that we are STILL waiting on the belt to come in. I think our entire wardrobe needs to be cleaned at this point.

Then my engine light comes on and- $400 dollars later- I have replaced a stupid sensor. Not to mention I have another $200 repair that he told me I will need to get done in the next 6 months. Grr, I am literally going to have the car paid off in 3 months. Can't it just wait a little while.

Then, today I got out my camera to upload my pictures from the weekend and I realize I left my memory card in Atlanta. AHHH. Thank goodness for Facebook but it's so annoying.

Plus all the joy of coming back to work and catching up with everything. At least all my kids were on spring break so I didn't have any late nights.

Tomorrow my dog is getting her first real haircut. I can't wait!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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