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Monday, August 6, 2012

New Office

On August 20th, my company is moving me into a new position. Instead of being an Intensive In Home therapist, I will now be a school therapist at an elementary school. I am beyond excited.

I won't have to drive around North Carolina anymore. I will have my own office- with a door and everything! It is really hard to feel like you are a good therapist in people's home. There are just too many distractions- TV, screaming siblings, no privacy, etc. I can't wait for my own space.

I have gone nuts buying stuff for my office to use with my kids. When I was in elementary school I had a speech impediment and I went to speech therapy for four years. I loved my speech therapist and I distinctly remember that at the end of our time I got to choose a gift from the treasure chest. I ALWAYS got stick-on earrings. Gotta love the early 90s.

Even though I am not a speech therapist I knew that I had to have a treasure chest of goodies for my office. I bought a wood box at Micheals and painted it and added glitter stickers on the front. You know you enjoyed gifts when you were that age! Bribery sounds nice and therapeutic to me. Ha

I also bought: crayons, markers, colored pencils, play dough, modeling clay, stickers, dry erase markers for the easel in my office, and an hourglass that will let them know our time together.

With my next paycheck I will buy my dollar store items for the treasure chest and I have a goal of buying two more therapeutic board games. Everyone has always recommended that I buy The Ungame and the Thinking, Feeling, Doing Game. So those are my next two big purchases.

You know you would love to come to my office and play with my toys!

Happy Monday!

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