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Friday, August 31, 2012

Blowing Rock

I must say the one thing I will miss about my old position is having Fridays off. It made my schedule much more flexible.

My mom and dad visited me for quite some time in the month of August. I even had the time to take a long weekend in Blowing Rock. It's funny- now that I don't go to Appalachian State University anymore I love going up to Boone/Blowing Rock but when I lived there I wanted to get out so bad. I think it is just a better vacation spot than a "living there" spot.

It just so happened that the weekend we went was Art in the Park. Anyone that is from that area knows that Art in the Park a big deal- it was packed! Lots of vendors and people visiting the area. I bought some art from a guy who lives in Atlanta. His wife is an artist also and she makes custom dog portraits. Um- yeah- I really wanted one but I don't have $500 to drop on a painting of General and Leia.  

My mom and I drove around and looked at the homes. Which we proceed to do every time we visit the mountains. The following is a tour of homes that you should feel free to buy for me- just kidding!

Maybe one of these days- when I have that dream job with summers off- I will just live in one of these homes during the summer. Ha ha- never gonna happen on a social work salary!

Happy Friday,

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