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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Changing My Name

Tradition says that once you are married you then go to change your name. While I am participating in this lovely tradition it is not exactly the best experience. First it is an odd feeling to no longer have the name you grew up with. It takes getting used to I suppose. Plus there are way too many things to think of when you change your name. Last week I officially changed my name with the social security administration. Now that I finally got my new card in the mail, this week was the time to start the rest of the "fun".

I attempted to get a new driver's license today. That was not so successful. I thought I just needed my new social security card but apparently you need your marriage license also. It is not enjoyable to wait outside in 90 degree weather for 45 minutes to realize you wasted your time! Then again this is fairly classic for me. Once I get that fixed (I suppose I will wait in line again tomorrow) then I have to think of all the bills in my name and change them.

Plus we still haven't figured out what bills to combine and what to keep separate. Confusing decisions! On a brighter note though the biggest bill- rent- may be working out. I went to see the possible townhouse today:
 Isn't it cute? I think we have a pretty good chance of getting it and we should know for sure by tomorrow. It is really cute inside and I could already image all our stuff inside. Including the first really nice thing we ever bought together. All of my husband's friends gave him Best Buy gift cards for our wedding. We took advantage of Memorial Day sales and, for once, bought something nice. A HUGE 60-inch TV. We are big movie and TV people so we splurged. This was a big spend for us because normally we are pretty frugal.

I am trying to learn that every once and awhile it's OK to do something for yourself. So although it is against my nature to spend a lot of money this was a fun thing to buy for us. Hopefully this TV lasts a long time though because my sensibility will need a long time to recharge before I could spend that much money again!!

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