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Saturday, June 18, 2011

First week of work: Check

My first week of work is successfully completed. I passed my restraint test and my thighs continue to whine after demonstrating those restraints so many times on adults instead of children. Who knew I would get such a workout while being trained for a therapy job?

Next week I also have to take a test on their crisis model. Basically the model of how we deescalate children who are, for lack of a better term, freaking out. I feel like I am back in school- highlighting and making color coded notes to study. Hopefully I will pass or else I won't keep getting paychecks!

During our first week of work they offered us lower rates on Sam's Club memberships. Hubby and I are pretty excited to go test out the deals tomorrow. My husband is well known as a cookie monster so I think just buying bulk cookies will make the yearly rate affordable. Seriously I'm not exaggerating- if I ate as many cookies as him I would be 300 pounds but he is 6'5 so he has lots of room for sweets. Grrr...not fair!

In two weeks I will be packing us up for our first place together. I am very excited to get this process going. I have cleaned out closets and rooms for weeks to get rid of junk and back to bare-bones so we can move easily. I'm glad that my days are now busy with work because now time is flying!

Tonight I am going to feed the boys in my life- my brother and my husband and waste away in a mind numbing night of watching them play video games and scream at the tv. I'm sure it will be highly entertaining!

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