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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tan Lines

I am going to make a quick and inappropriate post about tan lines. Prepare yourself.

When you have a large chest as a female it is considered either a blessing or a curse. I kind of view my chest as a curse- I think I have mentioned that in a previous post. I also mentioned my fair skin that basically burns just knowing the sun is out for the day.

So I would now like to leave you with wonderful imagery. Last week, as I reported, my skin had turned into a lovely crayola red color because of how burnt I got at the lake. This week I have started peeling and ended up with a weird tan line which my husband may or may not have named the lobster claw.

I'm gonna let you think on that one- and realize that I have yet another point on the "bad column" for fair skin and big boobs.
Just sayin'

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