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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Procrastination is another pet peeve of mine. This has been brought up several times this week, although I am going to choose not to focus on who or what is procrastinating this week and therefore affecting me! When I was a little girl I often got school projects. Projects that often involved foam board- or even more exciting tri-fold boards:
My mom has always made fun of me because the day I was assigned any project like this I felt I needed to get my materials that day. I would freak out if I couldn't finish the assignment the day it was given to us, even if it wasn't due for another month. I have continued being this way all the way through graduate school. Except now my friends were making fun of me for being done with papers so early.

Normally I just laugh along because I know I am a little weird for wanting to be so freakishly on top of things. On the other hand I would like to vent for a few moments on the fact that other people have no idea how not to procrastinate. Once you become an adult and have a "big girl" job if you put things off till you want to do them it often effects someone else- and yet I don't think most people realize this.

Two times this week I am biding my time for someone else to basically do their job and while I wait I can do NOTHING on my end because I have to delay my work for their information. Maybe that is not annoying to some people but I really hate that. I guess I may need to learn to let things go because I have a feeling things will always be this way- but geez people get on it!

Thanks for listening to my vent of the day! (I feel like I should have some musical thing after saying that. like the NBC *ding,ding, ding* when they do the "more you know" PSA commercials)

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