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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Barnes and Noble

I love Barnes and Noble. It is up there on my list of happy places. Today, I went there with my friend who was looking for a book- I guess that was obvious. I thought I could go with her and find some cool stationary. Which I did!

One of my best friends- who have I have known since 3rd grade- recently moved to Nantucket. This seriously limits my amount of friendship time- as I really don't have that many close friends. Especially girls- it is hard to find a good girl friend. Anyway, since she has left me for Nantucket (I'm not bitter or anything) we have decided to be pen pals. Hence, the awesome Andy Warhol stationary. And the random bookmark that I decided I wanted.

Then I went to find the aisle my other friend was actually shopping in and there- right in front of my face- was a gift that had to be bought for my husband.

When my parents went to Hawaii I asked for a ukulele. I had no idea that they are thousands of dollars in Hawaii. But, at Barnes and Noble I can afford one! My husband plays guitar and has asked for a ukelee several times. Although this, obviously, is not a nice one I'm hoping it will do- at least to learn the cords. My mom pointed out that I should have saved it as a Valentine gift but, as I have said before, I can't ever wait to give a gift once I have it!

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