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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holiday Crash

I don't feel like I have had four seconds to myself since Christmas hit. I am working like a manic and seem to constantly have plans on the weekends. Between Christmas in Texas, my husband's New Year's birthday, and making a weekend trip to Atlanta to be able to see the extended family I am spent.

This is the first month that I have to turn in case studies for my therapy license. Have I started said case study-not even one sentence. Those of you who know me at all know that this is causing me slight anxiety. I have to have it mailed off to the licensing board by the end of the month so I have to find time. That is easier said than done when you get home from work at awful hours every night.

This weekend my cousin and her husband are coming to stay with us and we are going over to my husband's aunt's home on Sunday. One day maybe I will actually have time for friends again- right now I really feel like being a hermit. Is that bad? Does anyone else have urges of staying in bed for an entire weekend?

I have had no time for fun meals, crafting, or some other activity I enjoy. I started to look at making a new wreath for Valentines- but I haven't even had time to go to a store to get stuff. Also proof that I am spent. Normally, I always make time for something to contain my fidgety hands.

My dog has also turned into more of a freak than she normally is. I think it is because I have been gone for several weekends. She apparently has severe separation anxiety- which I firmly believe is ridiculous. I have now caught her several times literally howling in the house when she realizes we are gone. No- my dog has no form of hound in her blood or any other breed that would make this "normal".

I had a "high" in therapy this week with a client. A kid who I thought would never open up to me told me he had written a song for me to read. (He has a hard time verbally explaining himself). He forgot the paper at a friend's home but I couldn't believe he made a song! Plus, his mom told him to trust me that she could- "talk to me all day". I don't know why but I felt so good after the session. Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing but this made me feel like at least I made the kid trust me. Gotta start somewhere! 

Does this blog prove I am tired? I am all over the place. I am hoping life will slowly be getting back to normal now. Or at least I can dream....I do work in the mental health world.

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