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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So much for that..

So the ukulele was a total bust. Do not buy musical instruments at Barnes and Noble. Who knew? But, after I bought it my husband couldn't get it out of his head so we went to our local music shop and bought a real one. They actually are not that expensive anyway.

I also had time to make a new home decor item that I saw on-where?- pinterest of course!
Our room had nothing on the walls and I thought this was cute.

You will need:
4 canvases (mine are 8x10)
buttons (lots!)
and a glue gun

I bought everything at Hobby Lobby. They actually sell little packs of fabric that coordinate. The packs come with 5 different patterns and I had to trim them because they were too big. I used the glue gun to glue the fabric around the back of the canvas. I then laid out my buttons into the letters and painstakingly glued each button on. Burning myself multiple times in the process.

I will admit that I bought my buttons in the fabric area and they cost a small fortune. Apparently, Hobby Lobby also sells a large bucket of buttons in the scrap book area. I had no idea that I should look there but when I was buying my SECOND batch of buttons they told me. So much for me- but look there to save money!

I really liked the idea of this project. You could make so much with it. I wish I had bought larger canvases because I have a lot of wall to cover but I know I can use these again if I end up moving it one day. Happy crafting!

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