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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

30 Day Challenge- Day #1

1. List 10 random facts about yourself:

I used to consider myself the “step-mom” to our German Shepherd because I was convinced he didn’t like me. Now, he is quite convinced he is my personal protector and I don’t know what I would do without him.

They are cute- admit it!

I have officially been married for one year. On our wedding day I was considered a weird bride for not being high stress and breaking into hysterics at all times. Actually, the only times I cried that day were seeing my brother for the first time and during the ceremony. 
Rare sight- me crying!
I am a child and family therapist- and boy did I work my butt off to be able to call myself that! But, I have no pictures of my Master's graduation because I got married that day instead!

I literally have some of the best "mental health stories" of my clients. My family and friends are always telling me to write a book about my experience but I am always afraid I am somehow breaking confidentiality if I write about it.

I never learned to ride a bicycle- and my husband works for Harley Davidson. Weird combo?

I broke my leg on my best friend's trampoline the day before we moved to North Carolina. It didn't help that we were also moving into our first 2-story house. I never did master stairs and crutches. 

My childhood best friend. Love my missing teeth. 

I am not very adventurous- I am still scared of roller coasters. Seriously, I hyperventilated on the Tower of Terror at Disney World in high school. It was classy.

I still have not mastered controlling my facial expressions. Everyone who knows me can read me like a book.
Crazy "Meredith face" ruining the picture- Check

I want to own a horse one day- and actually feel like I know how to ride one. It is a dream of mine to just live out on a far and never leave the house. Unhealthy hermit? That's me!
In July I will pay off the first car I ever bought on my own- a year early! I am pretty excited about that! 

Happy Wednesday,

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  1. love the one about writing a book...but you cannot fully get certain things across in writing as you can with tone and facial expressions!