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Thursday, April 28, 2011


This Monday was my birthday. I now understand why people always say time moves faster as you get older. I have officially arrived at the age where birthdays are just another day. I had my internship and a job interview on my birthday this year. At least I got to have a nice dinner with my fiance- steak, yum! But think about life when we were little- slumber parties, cakes, choosing a fun theme. Now birthdays are really not that exciting, especially when you are a broke graduate student : )

At least I got a good birthday gift from the fiance. Since we have started dated he has started to read books, mostly due to my instance that books are great. We have outgrown several bookcases since our obsession with books began (my obsession just began at a much younger age). One day we would love to have a whole library room- which will probably never happen on a social worker budget but... one can dream. Anyway this year he got me a book I have wanted for several months from Barnes and Noble.
Barnes and Noble is making classic books with a hard back leather cover and bind and gold leaf pages. How cool is this book?? They have tons of other classic book also and I am pretty sure I need all of them. I want To Kill a Mockingbird and they have several fairy tale sets including Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. All the covers are so interesting and unique. Plus we are horrible about imagining reading these books to our kids. Not that kids are anywhere in my plans for now...but one day these will be great books to read for bedtime.

I am not the best at thinking of gifts for a specific person but my finance is great at remembering things I have asked for. This book is something most people would not know to get me but I absolutely love it. I am glad that he knows this book means more to me than a piece of jewelry or some other "girl gift". His gifts always make me realize what a lucky girl I am and how well he knows me.

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