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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It is ending...

School is coming to an end. Many of my family members think I should go on to get a Doctorate. I am still unsure of that one. But the program I am currently in is almost over. Yesterday I even had my large capstone paper printed and bound and last week I had my presentation.

The presentation scared the crap out of me. I am usually OK with presenting, but I have never had to talk for thirty minutes before and that was a new terror. Plus I had done so much research on sexual abuse that it was hard to cut the information down to thirty minutes. On a good note I got an A, on a bad note I feel like I must have sounded like a crazy person per my teacher's comments:

If you feel you have to rush because you have too much information for the time allotted, then cut down on the amount of content!

Be careful to realize the sensitive and shocking nature of your subject material. Perhaps since you are so familiar with it, maybe you have become somewhat desensitized to what it is that you do. (worst comment yet!)

Conversationally, you are normally a fast, energetic talker. However, your presentation felt rushed, punctuated with you quickly taking breaths.

So basically I think I looked like this:
oh well, I know I shouldn't care because overall I got an A. I like to freak out about things.

Today I have a job interview so hopefully I will breath normally there! If I was to know I had a job before we got married I can't even explain how much better I would feel. It would be like a cocoon of warm job security. I admit I am slightly crazy about finances. I tend to worry quite a bit about whether or not we will "make it". I also don't want to be the moocher wife with no job. So wish me luck today and send up a prayer for my security blanket (i.e employment).

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