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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bridal Showers

I have officially completed my three bridal showers that were in the month of March. And since my friends have put pictures up of the events I figured now was a good time to discuss. First of all having showers with yummy food

is not helping out the whole- fitting into my wedding dress situation. You see those two cakes up there- red velvet and chocolate cake! I had to bring those home and since there are starving children in Africa I had to eat them. It's a rule.

Secondly thanks to the power of technology my mother, in Texas, attended my shower, in Georgia. Prepare yourself for this picture

seriously creepy right? My body less mother had lots of fun though. She even got to show us all updates of the renovations on her house. I felt like we were the Jetson's or something.

Lastly though, I loved my showers. I got to be with friends and family and I received more gifts then should ever be legal. I had lovely hostesses for my multiple showers:
 My cousin Jennifer to the left and my cousin-in-law Angie to the right. The family shower is always the most comfortable!
Caroline, in the yellow, is my fiance's best friend's wife. She let my friends and family who are in town invade her home for this shower. My friends Stefanie and Anna Grey also helped. I forgot to get a picture of all of us together. (in the background is Laura, another one of my fiance's best friends wives, who is checking the Carolina basketball games scores- Welcome to North Carolina!)
And lastly are all of these lovely ladies from my shower in Texas. Well everyone minus one and plus my mom. We had to many helpers for one photo!!

Shawn and I already have a huge head start on making our place look nice and "adult"-by adult I mean having more than one plate that matches or sheets in one color. I can't wait to have our own place and put out all of our pretty gifts and remember these good times with family and friends. Right now I am hoarding them in boxes so they cannot be contaminated by the current living conditions. More on that later...

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