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Friday, April 1, 2011

Wedding Planning

The saying goes, every little girl dreams of their wedding day. Apparently by the time you reach my age you are supposed to know every little detail of what you want the wedding to look like. Well something must have happened in my female genetic code- because wedding planning is not my idea of fun.

Don't get me wrong- I can't wait for our wedding day but I am over planning it. I am horrible at decisions first of all. Do you have any idea how many decisions you have to make when you are the bride?? The cake, the photographer, the flowers, the caterer, the venue- those are the easy choices. Then you have seven thousand nit-picky little things. I never even thought so many little things existed.

For example-the reception. My grandmother antiques and mostly sells china so we decided to use her china as the reception place settings. I have 12 boxes of china in my extra bedroom- but then you need centerpieces. We are doing flowers on our own so we have had to play with vases and estimate how many flowers we will need. Then you need cake and since I'm southern- a groom's cake. So we had to choose the way the cake should look. Our grooms cake is actually chocolate chip cookies- so we had to try different recipes of that. Although all of this is not exactly hard it is time consuming and difficult when you are bad at decisions.

I have begged people to choose things for me. I wanted my dad to plan the wedding ceremony and make the programs- I mean he is a Minister of Music. But no, I have to choose- "it's my wedding". AHHH! And you have to be in charge of making sure your groomsmen and bridesmaids get their dresses, make party favors, get a marriage license, think about guest book options, and ultimately offend someone somehow.

In conclusion: I recommend eloping- that is if you are anti-female like me!

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