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Friday, April 22, 2011


I have never been a big party type of person. On the other hand, my vice is definitely sweets. I have never found a dessert I don't like. I mean ever! (OK- maybe one, I don't like the texture of coconut) It is kind of a problem. The finance does not like sweets as much as me
Problem #1: he does not like cheesecake. More specifically he does not like cream cheese period. This is a huge problem. I love cheesecake, I could eat cheesecake everyday for the rest of my life and become a happy bloated beached whale. My birthday cakes growing up were cheesecakes. I have tons of yummy cheesecake recipes and I don't make any of them because fiance thinks it's yucky.

But think about it, since he does not like cream cheese that takes out cream cheese frosting- no red velvet! no carrot cake! no cheesecake!! (oh I already said that)

Problem #2- He is also not a big cake fan in general. He thinks icing is "too sweet". Really what is wrong with this kid! I beg for corners because, obviously, the more icing the better! (especially if it is cream cheese frosting!) In the south tradition calls for a groom's cake. Since he is not really a cake guy my mom came up with a new idea.

Our "groom's cake" is going to be chocolate chip cookies and shot glasses of milk. He could turn into cookies and milk. During the week he eats two or three bags of cookies and multiple gallons of milk. It's a good thing he is 6'5! I liked that this idea was a little part of him. All of our friends and families know he is the cookie monster and I think this will be a cute touch. I can't believe it is only about 3 more weeks till the wedding! This year has gone by so quickly, but I am getting very excited! 

*And don't worry I am still getting my real wedding cake with pounds of buttercream frosting : )

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