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Monday, August 29, 2011


I have a really bad or good- however you want to look at it- habit of arriving everywhere early. On Sundays, I always have my clinical supervision with my supervisor. We meet in a shopping center with a Michael's art and craft store nearby.

This week- as usual, I was early so I entertained myself by going in Michael's. This is really never a good idea because I can always find something to do in a craft store. When I was little I would beg my mom to take me to a store like this because I would be anxious without activities at home.

I think I went a little crazy yesterday though, because I was drawn in to the Christmas stuff.
P.S. Why is Christmas stuff out in August??

But I just couldn't resist this:
It may be morbid but I loved this idea because now- even when we don't have our furry babies anymore- we will always have their little- OK huge- paw prints. These kits were definitely not made for large breed animals by the way!

I also think it's funny that their paw prints even show their personalities. Leia is my timid dog and when I did this with her you would have thought her paw was being broken off by her behavior. So her paw print is lighter and kind of undefined. Whereas, General had a sure and steady print- because he thinks he was made to rule our world.

This was a fun easy way to always have a keepsake of your pets. It is cheap and worth the whining of your dogs as you mess with their paws!

*Plus usually when I'm bored baking gets involved- this brings much less caloric intake!

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