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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Fun

Last week I went to a baby shower for my best friend from high school. In high school there were three of us who were basically the three musketeers. My friend who is pregnant moved out of our town to go to college- and she never came back! My other friend was my maid of honor as we went to college together and came back home at the same time.

My maid of honor went to lunch with me before the shower so we could discuss how weird it is that I am married and our other friend is pregnant. I feel like we should still be about 15 years old. We were done eating early so we had to entertain ourselves somehow-
1. This is why we should still be 15
2. Is it sad that after an entire cute baby shower this is the only picture I have?

Hopefully, my friend who is pregnant may be moving back. I hope so because it is sad that we have lost touch over the years due to the distance between us. There are very few girls that I have been friends with for so long and she was one of the best!

This weekend I finally finished my embroidery project and hung them up in my guacamole bathroom
I decided to stick with birds- the little fat penguin may or may not really fit in but it was too cute and chubby to not do. I feel like embroidery is so much easier than cross stitch and I really have liked it. I have no idea what I will do next. Any ideas?

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