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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zoo Time

Hubby and I rarely have a day off together since he works on Saturdays. Sunday is technically a day we have off together but it seems like we always have something to do. This week I staked my claim on his time and asked if we could go to the zoo.

We both like animals so this was an easy choice and a fun day. Also it was very educational- as zoos often are. Although this time the education was more funny than enlightening.

For instance, this was the "king" baboon:
You would not want to go near that thing would you? Look at those fangs! Anyway, right after I took this picture he proceeded to turn around with his back facing us and pull poop out of his butt- and then clean his fingers. I am sorry- I may be too old to find that amusing but that was funny.

We also learned that tortoises sound like they are dying when they mate
I couldn't get a good picture of them because all the people at the zoo converged on this area due to the noise- but if you look closely the tortoises apparently also enjoy a three way. Meanwhile, another tortoise enjoyed watching them
Also when you milk a cow:
the cow gets very excited so she smiles and watches you- it helps when your face shows equal amounts of excitement. It's a scientific fact.

Obviously, my husband and I are not the most serious people- don't worry we tried to stay out of the ear shot of little children as we laughed at this stuff. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day

He's my friend

The lions were pretty neat because so often you go to the zoo and they are hiding or asleep. Today the male lion was active and it was easy to get great pictures of him.

The zoo had an area where you could pay $2 to feed the giraffes. I was too cheap to do it but I took a creepy picture of someone else's kid feeding the giraffe instead!
 Elephants are my absolute favorite animal but I will resist giving you a bunch of pictures.
I wish there was not a fence on the gorilla habitat because this guy was so cute rolling around.
Anyone else feel like this little guy might kill you? He is a little Hannibal Lector if you ask me...
 Another cool feature of the zoo- the have this short little walkabout. When you go in you walk right by kangaroos- no fence or anything. Too bad they pay absolutely no attention to you.

 Did you know that grizzly bears will pose and smile on command? At least they do for me!
As we were leaving I even got a fantastic picture of the baby giraffe. So if you are bored next weekend I highly recommend a zoo trip- you never know what fun things you will learn!

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  1. How very cool!!! Great shots--love your commentary! I wish I could've been with you!