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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bad Luck

My husband and I always seem to run into little "issues" when we are out and about. Case in point- going to Biltmore. Hubby spent weeks trying to find me a nice hotel and planning the trip to surprise me for Christmas.

Hubby had planned a king suite bedroom where a hot tub is actually in your room. He was already plotting sitting in the hot tub and watching TV at the same time- he was practically giddy over this idea. We arrive at the hotel- and granted, it is a nicer name brand hotel (I will resist saying which one it is). As soon as we open the door and look in the room he is already irritated because the hot tub is actually in the bathroom- with no TV in sight. Plus it looks like it is from 1982- I wish I had taken a picture- it was an odd pink color and when we turned on the water I am convinced it would have taken an hour to fill up that tub.

We decided to go to dinner and forget about it. We drove out to downtown Asheville and had a nice dinner. On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a gas station to get my husband his necessary supply of cookies and milk (I have explained the obsession in other posts). When we get into our room my husband finds out that the fridge is broken. Well, now he is irritated- you are messing with his cold milk supply. But- he takes it in stride and fills up a trashcan with ice because we are classy like that.

Then we attempt to figure out the 1980s pink hot tub again- and in the process we realize that the shower head doesn't work. Great- so you have now messed with the milk supply and I can't even take a shower in the morning. So, we call downstairs to report that our fridge and shower is broken and they report they will send someone up.

This is when bad goes to worse- the "helper" they sent was a young (quite frankly) stoner looking kid. He comes to the door and- no joke- says, "I hear your shower is broken, where is the shower"? Um- Einstein last time I checked most showers are located in the bathroom. At this point my husband, who throughout the years has learned to manage a bit of a temper, walks to me and reports what the stoner "helper" said to him and reports, "I can't do this". To illustrate this point- Hubby's face is now a lovely shade of red.

I go into the bathroom and watch said helper just wiggle all of the handles. We already did all of this but I let him feel helpful and do it himself. At this point he reports that the hotel is fully booked and he does not know what to do- and leaves. Thanks buddy.

Now, I don't know if I have ever mentioned this- but I don't really like people. I have an aversion to having to talk to strangers. But- in this situation I took control because I am pretty sure my husband would have killed someone. I marched downstairs and- politely asked them to find us another hotel. They helped us find a hotel at the same rate- but without the hot tub. At this point, we really didn't care what it was.

When we arrive at the new hotel we were both a little ill and not ready for any more nonsense. At this point- the story turns around. First off- this hotel had a fire blazing, warm cookies, and a beautiful Christmas tree when we walked in. Second- It is amazing how one person can make you feel so much better because they have a little knowledge of customer services. The lady who checked us in was happy, bubbly, and basically started telling us all about her family.

We realize that her daughter is trying to live where we live. At this point she finds out that we have had to give up our hot tub dreams because of the price. Well, she just finds this unacceptable and after thinking about it, gives us a king suite- with a hot tub- at our original price. Score!

When we get upstairs the room is AMAZING. There is a whole living room with a nice (not 1980s pink) hot tub with a TV, couch, and comfy chair. The bedroom is a whole other room- an actual suite. Then there was a real bathroom- with a working shower. Ahh- it's the little things in life. And just like that the trip turned around.

Hey at least it makes for an amusing story!
Oh- and this is my husband showing his true goofy self as he opens his Christmas gift- in our fancy hotel living room. I got him a Nook Touch- if you are poor and can't afford an IPad- like me- then this is a nice substitute. He has really enjoyed it- as the face shows you. Haha

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