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Monday, December 26, 2011

Fat and Happy

Does anyone else realize how often I use the term fat and happy? After an entire day of cooking my Mom and I successfully completed the Christmas day meal. We made everything we wanted except one thing because we ran out of time- my grandmother's angel biscuits.
You will note that our meal revolves around casseroles- plus enough mac & cheese for a small army. The rest of the meal is- turkey, squash casserole, cranberry sauce, dressing (not stuffing), and sweet potato casserole (with pecan topping not marshmallows). My brother thought he was going to throw up he ate so much! Most people would not worry about such a thing- but we have had a previous incident involving homemade lasagna. That is a story for another time ha ha.  
We also made chocolate chip pie- which I leave room for no matter how stuffed I am! We even posed for our required Christmas Eve pictures. My mom always forces us to take pictures when we are dressed up nice for the midnight Christmas Eve service. This time my husband even got to join in- but my dad was already at church.
And while this picture may be funny typically they are even worse. My brother and I are notorious for never taking serious pictures. We keep acting silly until my mom is at the point of breakdown for a nice picture and then we cave.
I am even annoying my brother at this point. Now we just have to make it through New Year's eve/my husband's birthday and all us women can join together on the post-holiday diet time.

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