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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Yes, I have been a slacker with the blogging. I apologize for having nothing creative to talk about. Between working and trying to find Christmas presents I never seem to have time in the day. This weekend I got my Christmas gift from my husband. A weekend in Asheville to see the Biltmore Estate.

If you are not from North Carolina you may not know what Biltmore is. It is the largest privately owned home in America. I have been about a thousand times to see Biltmore and I still love it. Nothing compares- in the winter it has Christmas magic and in the spring the gardens make you feel like you should have on a princess ball gown as you walk thorough your roses and tulips.

Anyway, this year he wanted to take me to see all the Christmas lights and trees. I was very upset when I got into the home- all prepared with my fancy camera- taking this picture:
And attempting to adjust my horrible lighting when a lady informed me that no pictures are allowed. Seriously! No pictures- boo. I thought about going rogue and sneaking around- but then I thought I would get kicked out and I restrained myself.

If you get the chance to go they actually only have one real Christmas tree in the house. It is in the dining room. It is HUGE- I really can't even describe it. It is easily 20-25 feet, two draft horses bring it to the front door, and it takes 40 men and women to carry it into the house. They actually have two a year because the first one starts to die before the Christmas tours are over.

Anyway, hubby and I had to stop picture taking- at least till we got to the animals. Which, if you know us at all, is our favorite part anyway.

I will touch the donkey- I will touch the donkey

Best picture ever- he is even smiling!

Retired draft horse- Bert
We also made a friend- a baby goat who was being bullied. Enter the offenders:
This bag contains the hay they eat- this black goat will head butt any goat who comes near the food- including the baby. Well, I'm sorry, but this is just not allowed. So, hubby got out the hay (I'm not dumb enough to put my hand in there!) and I feed the baby.
Which led to:
So he doesn't exactly look happy- nor is this probably allowed- but really if you had the chance to hold a baby goat you would take advantage also.

On the way home we also saw a carriage ride coming back to the barn
We got pricing because we suddenly realized that you can actually ride horses on the Biltmore grounds. One package includes a 3 hour ride with a picnic lunch in a scenic view area. Um- our next trip is planned.

We wish we had the time to stay till night so we could see all the trees lit up. Maybe one year...but, if you live in the area this place really is beautiful this time of year. I highly recommend it!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! I loved the goat pictures! Merry Christmas!