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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Home for the Holidays

Well, we have officially flown back to the state of Texas for Christmas. This is the first year that my husband has been able to join in on the Christmas festivities with me. It is always difficult to figure out holidays when we have family all over the country.

Mom already had the tree decorated and the presents wrapped under the tree

But since we are in Texas my world now revolves around "tex-mex" food. I would literally be 300 pounds if I lived out here. I absolutely love Mexican food- and Texas is my holy grail. My parents lived in Texas 28 years ago when my brother was born. My dad completed seminary out here.

One of the restaurants they loved is called Joe T. Garcias. Joe T.'s was almost a family legend as we grew up. My parents would always talk about it as one of the few places they could afford to eat at with a measly budget. My brother was too young to remember it and I never lived in Texas. When my parents moved out here it was a must that they bring the kids to eat this yummy food.

Since then my brother and I have been hooked and always request a visit out to Fort Worth for this food. This year it was time to allow my husband the pleasure of Joe T's. Yum Yum!
Joe T's has been open since the 1930s- it is an institution in this area. When my parents first started eating here (in the early 80s) they literally walked through the kitchen to get to a table. Now Joe T's is enormous with a "fiesta garden" in the back.
Often times there is a line to get in and you have to wait outside- but we are excited! Just look at those faces! In the summer this line can wrap around the building- especially if a TCU game is the same day.
The food is simple and delicious. No menu is given- you have two choices. Either you eat family style enchiladas or fajitas. We always- and I mean always- get the enchiladas. Every one's favorite part of the meal is the above nachos. They are magical and simple and divine.
Look at all that food! This is even one of those establishments that only takes cash. We were also serenaded by two men with guitars on this trip. Of course, we heard Feliz Navidad no less than five times while we were there. Our table requested Silent Night and they sang every verse to us- in Spanish. It was amazing!! My husband approved of the meal- of course, if he had not approved he would have been shunned from the family. Smart man ha ha. As we drove back east toward Dallas we were all feeling fat and very happy!


  1. This is awesome! SOunds like you guys had fun! Well hope to see everybody soon! As we drag out Christmas for many days lol

  2. On the last picture it looks like the boys need to get to the bathroom in a hurry. That yummy food must run right through you :)

  3. You guys are a BEAUTIFUL family!!! Holy cow.