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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crafty Thursday

This week I actually had time to do my own craft. It's a miracle! Last weekend I went to Atlanta to visit my family again and my mom found this idea in a magazine. I want to say it was in Good Housekeeping but I'm just not sure.


4 white frames (mine are 8x10)
Colorful scrapbook paper
A fine point and extra fine point paint pen (mine are silver but the magazine used white)
Print off vintage botanical pictures from www.vintageprintable.com

Side note: when you print your pictures make sure you print them in mirror image. I also scaled them down to 8x10 but I don't really know if that is necessary in hind sight.

Basically you are just going to be tracing these beautiful flowers onto your glass.
Sorry for the bad lighting- it was hard to show the silver!
Line up your glass with your flower as best you can. Start off by using the fine point paint pen to trace the big parts. Give that a little time to dry and then you will go in to do the intricate stuff with the extra fine paint pen.

Once you are satisfied give the glass about 15-30 minutes to dry and then place it back in your frame. Place the colored scrapbook paper behind it and the silver will pop. Make sure the paint is not on the outside so that it is more protected- you want the silver part touching the paper.

I thought this would be difficult but actually it was very easy. It is just a coloring/tracing project!
I thought this was quite a fun project and there are a ton of vintage pictures on the website so you don't have to do just flowers. I think it would be awfully cute to do animals for a nursery.

Happy Crafting!

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