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Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have a weird obsession, I admit it. I love stuff from the 50s but even more than that I love Coke stuff. I love old tin signs and the furniture from the 50s. In high school my friends and family started to figure this out and started giving me things- I have coke magnets, bottles, signs, even cookie jars.
My favorite sign is the round one in the middle because it is actually from the World of Coke in Atlanta. This weekend I finally got to bring something home that I have wanted for years. My great grandparents had one of those old formica dining room tables. My grandfather and aunt let me have it! Right now it is akwardly sitting with my shower gifts

but itsn't it so cute! I just need to clean off some old rust and when we move I can make a little 50s dining area with my signs and awesome table. I love it! (P.S. this room is a junk room and we don't really use it..can you tell? It is so gross).

The only bad thing is that when my family cleaned out my great-grandparents home they did not bring the chairs that matched this table. "They were too heavy"- to bad I was to young to know about this. I would have figured something out- like using my brute strength haha. I have been trying to find cheap chairs to replace with the table. 

In my dream world the table would look like this

look at that 50s stove! I want it! Surprisingly though finding vintage chairs that match my table is difficult and expensive. Even looking at Target you can find 50s chairs
for $100 a pop! Not in my budget considering I need four chairs. So I think I am going to just buy cheaper modern looking chairs like this

but in white or something that matches more. These are much cheaper- and still at Target! Either way I can't wait to have some vintage looking stuff. It's my favorite. 

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