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Sunday, November 13, 2011


This weekend has been really great so far. One of my friends from graduate school came back to visit. We spent hours on Sunday at the Southern Christmas Show. For those of you that don't live in this area- let me explain what that is.

Imagine the biggest place ever- now fill it with every Christmas decoration known to man- and you have somewhat of an idea of what the Southern Christmas Show is. I went on the hunt for two things- a Christmas tree topper and these swirly glittery things that my mom puts in our tree and yet we have never found again.

I was successful on both fronts! I was nervous about finding a tree topper. I like stars and my husband likes angels- so there was already a dilemma. First off, I saw no angels- anywhere. I thought that was kind of odd. So, instead I looked at the stars and tried to find one that looked like him.
It is made with twine and already has lights built in. It will look great in our farm that we will own one day- at least that is how I tried to convince my husband and get his approval! Actually he really liked it- thank goodness!

I was even more excited to find my swirly things for the tree. My mom and I have been looking for them for years. Hers have become so old that they are losing their glitter and they are breaking. I finally found a booth at the Southern Christmas Show that had them. And not just one kind- tons of colors!

I got a pack of gold and my friend got some red ones- and we traded. I always liked them because when you separate them and add them to the tree- one at a time- they add just a little sparkle. Plus I feel fancy.

And last- but not least- I made my Christmas wreath. I had the urge to make it early- why? Oh, because my adorable fall wreath fell off my door- in the wind- and broke in two. Yeah- I was not a happy camper.

But my new wreath is pretty amazing- if I do say so myself! It took me FOREVER to finish but it was so worth it.
It is all made out of felt. I made the felt poinsettia flowers on Friday night and spent HOURS doing the white felt on Saturday night. Thankfully, my husband was camping with his friends so he does not know quite how crazy I was to start this project.

I got both ideas from pinterest- the wreath tutorial was from-

Now, I will admit that her wreath was only 12 inches. I made a big wreath- so if you make it prepare yourself to look like a crazy person when you buy your white felt. When you think you have enough- buy another stack- and that may come close. I made my circle template out of CDs- her template was only 3 inch circles.

The poinsettia flowers were a little easier- well as far as time.-

I think I will make more so I can have the ornaments also. Happy Crafting!!


  1. Ok, so I just caught up on your blog, and you put Pioneer Woman to shame.

    I am so proud to be your friend! :)

    ps - when the heck do you find time to do all of this stuff??

  2. I just wanted to let you know you are featured on my blog for top 20 DIY Wreaths

    happy holidays