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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday

I would now like to take one post to complain. Prepare yourselves.

Every year my mom calls me looking for a "list". What do you want for Christmas? For a long time now my answer is always "I have no idea". Really, once you get past the "believing in Santa Claus" years what do you really need? It's not like I am going to pee my pants over an American Girl doll anymore.

I digress- this year I still had no idea what I wanted. Then, finally I decided I would take the plunge and use my money on a nice pair of leather boots. The ones that all the cute girls are wearing right now. I knew this would be a challenge as I have been cursed with the man calves from hell.

Well, my first issue is that every boot I like is WAY to expensive. These boots from J. Crew are probably my favorites and they are only- oh- $400. Ha ha- never gonna happen. Surely this means I have amazing taste though, right?

But I had high hopes- I will find boots on Black Friday sale! I ventured out into the madness with one of my friends and proceeded to go to at least five shoe stores and try on at least 20 boots. And what do I find- the man calves from  hell prevented every boot I tried on to zip, pull up, wedge on, etc. I wanted to scream!

Seriously, you know those people you see who look like they have been poured into their pants and now look like a stuffed sausage? Well, who knew that your calf could also look that way when it is flopping over a boot zipper. Gross.

I now believe I could be a millionaire if I made nice wide-calf boots. Now I am being subjected to Internet surfing for hours to find boots. I still have hopes though! I will find a cute boot!

P.S- please tell me I am not the only one with this issue or I officially just sounded like a complete nut job.


  1. meredith i have never once found boots to fit my giant calves! it is the worst! i love you :)

  2. Meredith you know I have the same problem! I have to get the boots that only go mid way above ankle so I don't have to worry about the calves