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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So busy!

I feel like I have not updated in weeks. The new job is going well- but with trainings and trying to go out to do sessions with my kids I am working 10-12 hour days right now. It is kind of exhausting!

This weekend was the first time in ages that my husband and I had off- with no plans. It is a miracle! We got out Christmas stuff- ok I got out Christmas fun while my husband reminded me it wasn't even Thanksgiving yet. I just couldn't hold it in any longer!

I also went to the grocery store for Thanksgiving supplies. We are eating with my husband's side of the family and I offered to make one of my dishes that they don't usually make- squash casserole. Do you know how many squash you have to buy for 6 pounds- about a million!

I was also sucked into another kit like the whoopie pie- I'm telling you they call to me:
A pumpkin bread kit- amazing! I made it into a bundt cake form but you could also make a bread loaf, muffins, etc. It is really good. My husband has been devouring it.

I also became annoyed because I just cannot find a "first year of being married" ornament that I like. My mom did send me a neat idea- but I don't know if I can count it as an ornament.
This article was from Better Homes and Gardens. Basically, every year this family takes the bottom inch that is cut off their Christmas Tree and decorates it to hang from the mantel. They have been married 19 years. I think it is such a neat idea and will show off our many years together by the time we are at 19!

P.S.- IF you use fake trees as your Christmas tree don't even get me started. The only weird thing about our tree is that the place where we bought ours has "special" tree stands. The tree stands have a stick in the middle of them so this place drills a hole in the tree trunk to set it on- hence the hole in my tree inch thing. I may just use that hole to put ribbon through or just ignore it. It adds charm right??

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