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Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Since it is our first year being married I have suddenly realized I have absolutely nothing ready for Christmas. I never wanted to get a tree until we were married. I love everything about real Christmas trees and I just wanted to save that memory for our first Christmas together.

But now I have realized how much stuff I need to buy- lights, a tree stand, stockings, a tree skirt. The list seems to just go on and on- just to get the basics! My mom always talks about how on my parent's first year married she had no Christmas ornaments for her tree- I guess my dad being in seminary did not help them have a lot of money! Due to this I have gotten at least one ornament every year of my life.

I have a lot of ornaments- but they are stuck in Texas. So much for planning! Looks like I will have to buy at least a few ornaments this year.

The one thing I have had fun doing lately is making our Christmas stockings. Michael's is one store I really should not go into- and yet I can't resist it. The last time I went they were Christmas crazy and they even had kits for making your own stocking- and obviously I had to make them!
I have made several other Christmas crafts- but since they will end up being Christmas presents for our friends and family I figure I shouldn't post those projects!

On a completely different topic- I have mentioned before that I have a very loud husband and I would just like to give a shining example of this. On Sunday, we went to Sam's Club together. Upon walking in he was so busy getting out his membership card that he left his aviator sunglasses on. How dumb do people look when they wear sunglasses inside?

Then he immediately noticed the IPad 2 stand and proceeded to scream/whine- "I want an IPad 2". Cue everyone around us to turn around and stare at the crazy guy with sunglasses on whining in the entrance of Sam's Club- oh and the girl next to him.

Then I proceeded to inform him- "You are aware we are in public- and you still have your sunglasses on". His response- "yep, but it is just to fun to embarrass you". Lovely

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