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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone enjoyed a good Thanksgiving with family and friends. I, of course, enjoyed it by jumping the gun and decorating for Christmas. I may or may not have bought my Christmas tree the weekend before Thanksgiving. I may or may not have scared the salesman because we were the first people there. I will neither confirm nor deny these allegations.

We also discovered that trying to fit a 6 foot tree into a town home is not exactly easy. The tree had to be wedged into a corner because our furniture is to big. I was pretty excited though. I even have gifts already wrapped!
I have my stockings hung and the other decorations around the house. We went to my in-laws home for Thanksgiving this year and my husband's mom even surprised us with an early Christmas gift- a nativity set:
I knew I couldn't afford one this year so it was a nice gift. This set was even made in Italy so I feel nice and fancy. We had a good time at Thanksgiving- I even brought one of my southern butter-laden casseroles and it was almost entirely eaten! 6 pounds of squash casserole demolished- I think that is a success- but really who doesn't like a dish with 2 full sticks of butter in it?

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  1. your tree, stockings, etc... look perfectly lovely!!! 2 sticks of butter in your casserole?! uh oh---and yes, it was YUMMY!