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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cooking Crazy

This weekend was kind of busy because my dad came into town. I hate that my parents live so far away but it defiantly makes visits even more worthwhile and fun. I also went a little crazy because I went into one of my cooking modes.
Why is my brother reading a video game magazine?
When my dad was here- which would have been the logical time to go cooking crazy- I made simple meals like this one. Manicotti, caesar salad, and a yummy french loaf of bread. Plus I had to get my dad red wine. We don't really drink wine- so I am classy and served it up in a glass. Didn't really remember to register for wine glasses during the wedding phase- oops.

Instead I went cooking crazy on Sunday. When I decide to go cooking crazy I end up with way to much food- and never enough people to eat it. I suppose I should actually plan a party when I do things like that but I never do. I then think my husband can just invite his friends over the day of "to watch a football game". Not a good planner.
This is the leftovers- that is right leftovers- of my meal. I made a spicy pulled pork, squash casserole, rice, and yeast rolls. Did you know that they only sell pork butts in like 8 pound quantities- yeah me neither. Planning- must learn planning skills.

I also started my new job! It seems good so far- just going through all the trainings and orientations that always go along with a mental health position. I think it will be nice because it seems that, other than my therapy sessions, I will be able to work from home. I can't believe I can finally say that I will have "therapy sessions".

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Now I get to go eat the leftover sweets!

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