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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crafty Thursdays

So, I try really hard not to be a crazy dog lady. When you don't have kids to distract you I feel that dogs become little furry babies that you feel you must smother with love. Or, this is just my issue and ignore that.
This was the day we brought home my youngest dog. She is three now but seriously I can't resist the puppy pictures. So this crafty thursday is dedicated to the furry ball of love in your life!

Top 5 Dog Crafts:

From: Martha Stewart
From: Etsy
So I found this on Pinterest and it wasn't linked to anyone. I am not stealing :)
From: a. arch
From: A Kitchen Muse
I guess if my dogs had a vote they would only care about the treats. I think they are plotting to eat me out of house and home. Although, it could be my fault that I own a 100 lb. German Shepard and a 80 lb. Bernese Mountain Dog. Or as our friend likes to call them- "our livestock". 

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  1. I love the framed paw prints! I might have to do that for my 120 Lb. dog, Apollo :)