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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is it Spring Yet?

If you live in the South, like me, it sure feels like it! I don't think we have had winter weather all season this year. I'm ok with that- I am not made for snowy climates. I feel like I may die.

I really don't want to do any more winter crafts so I have moved on to Spring. I started my wreath- but I feel like it is missing something. Now I have made some spring time topiaries that are easy- and time consuming.


styrofoam balls (mine are 5')
little pots (Dollar Store!)
pink paint
floral arrangement foam
some cute ribbon
Mod Podge
Glue Gun (and a lot of glue)
6-7 bags of Lifesavers pastel jelly beans (found mine at Rite Aid)

Start by painting your styrofoam ball. I did pink because the tutorial I found did but honestly you could paint it any spring time color. If you go ahead and put your dowel in you won't get your fingers covered in paint!

Separate your candy- with my 5' ball I went through a little over two bags of jelly beans per ball. It doesn't help that each bag practically has enough purple in it for an entire thing. You really have to go through the bags to get a nice assortment of all the colors.

Start your glueing- it is time consuming but they do end up cute. This is the point that I ran out of colors-except purple and some pink- and had to open my third bag. 

After you have glued all of your jelly beans on shove your foam into your little pot. Line up your dowel in the middle of the pot. Then you can cover the ugly foam with some floral moss.

Tie on some pretty ribbon- and repeat if you make three like me! I did add modge podge to the jelly beans at the end because I am afraid it will attract bugs. Honestly, I kind of wish I hadn't done that. It you do decide to use it try to keep the glue from collecting in-between the jelly beans. You can see little clumps of it and it annoys me. 

Here is the original link:

If I can figure out what to do with my wreath I will post about that one soon. Although, spring does not technically start till next month!

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