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Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Friday!

Well, I am almost through with my first week experience of being "on-call". I officially have the crisis line with me at all times. Somehow, I have lucked out and not received any phone calls- of course, inevitably it will ring off the hook as soon as I post this. I am pretty much in a constant state of paranoia that I have missed a call because we are required to call back within 15 minutes.

When I really sit back and think about it being a therapist is kinda freaky. I feel like I have way to much control over people's lives- plus, they think I am some kind of miracle worker. Which, as evidenced by my own insanity, is obviously not true.

I have now been the lead therapist on my team for three months. I am off of my "probation period". Yay for finally being able to receive health insurance! I feel like I have already learned quite a bit. One thing that has shocked me is that this job seems to be teaching me therapy skills with kids and adults as well as couples counseling, family therapy, and parent skill training.

I think by the time I have kids I will either:
1. be the best, most informed parent ever- or-
2. be a complete and total freak of rules and consequences and not know how to relax about anything-ever.
Right now, I try not to think about that as it is my natural tendency to worry about things that are not even necessary to think about.

As of last month I have even made it past my first 6 month review of my provisional therapy license. I should only have a year and a half left before I can be fully licensed. I still struggle with life in the world of mental health but the last month has calmed down. Slowly, I feel like I am getting into the groove and I know that once I am fully licensed a lot more doors will be open to me.

Does anyone else just think it's weird to be a grown-up? How in the world can I even write a post about my "career"? I am pretty sure I am still supposed to be about 16 years old. Time really does fly.

Hope your weekend will be great! (and I hope mine doesn't include crisis calls in the middle of the night!)

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