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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Since we are now a week away from Halloween we decided to carve our pumpkins on Sunday. I actually had two to carve this year- I am not sure if I will do that again. My hand has scratches all over it from trying to scrape, clean, and cut out the pumpkins.

We carve pumpkins every year for Halloween. I think it became a tradition without us even realizing it.
I made the owl and the flame face and hubby made the skeleton- which is fitting considering how much he loves Slash from Guns and Roses. This was the first time I made a pumpkin where the nose is the stem- it was not easy. You get so used to the convenience of cutting around the stem that it was odd doing it another way.

Also for the first time this year I took out our pumpkin seeds and roasted them. I don't think I have ever had pumpkin seeds before. They taste a lot like sunflower seeds- without having the annoying part of taking off the shell.

You just lay them out on a cookie sheet to dry for about 24 hours. Coat in a few teaspoons of olive oil and season. I just used some seasoned salt and a little normal salt. Then you put them in a low heat oven for about an hour.

The Pioneer Woman calls the pumpkin seeds pepitas and she has prettier pictures than me. Plus she has ideas for other seasonings to use if you are feeling adventurous. Plus her blog is the best! She is part of why I thought blogging would be fun to do.

Oh and I almost forgot! I passed my clinical therapy exam on Monday! Thanks for the prayers- I'm sure they helped.

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