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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crafty Thursday

Due to my mom being in town I have not had the time to peruse the internet for my normal crafting inspiration. Instead, I am going to show the fun projects that my mom and I made this weekend.

I have felt like my home needed some art work for quite some time. Instead of buying someone else's work we decided to try making our own. So, armed with our 50% off coupons, we went to Michael's and each bought paint and a canvas.
Mid-way through the crafty chaos
I found my idea from pinterest- as normal- and it is quite simple to make. Surprise Surprise- it is also tedious. To be honest I just didn't take step-by-step pictures like I typically do. The original creator gives a good synopsis though. The blog page can be located here. She used blue colors but I changed to reds since my furniture is that color.

My creation!
My mom wanted to do an abstract piece. She brought a magazine with her  that had some abstract paintings for sale and used that as inspiration. Honestly, you just take a square brush and poke at the canvas until you like how it looks. She likes to pretend that she has been classically trained. It is kind of hard to demonstrate in pictures but here is her final product:
Mom's creation
We were both rather proud of ourselves by the end of our crafting time! Abstract pieces like my mom's are a quick project if you want to add something to your home.

Happy crafting,

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