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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 Things I Hate

I work in a day treatment setting and for those of you who don’t know what that means I looked up a definition: Community-based, nonresidential program of services for children with mental health needs. The most intensive program available that still allows child to remain in the home. Services include special education, counseling, parent training, vocational training, skill building, crisis intervention, and recreational therapy. Day treatment lasts at least four hours per day”- although I get the joy of having my kids for 7 hours a day!

In order to entertain myself this morning I decided to make a list of issues in the mental health world
10 Things I Hate about Mental Health
1.       Parents who think their kid’s issues are my fault- I’m pretty sure your kids were in day treatment way before me.
2.       Kids who think they deserve nothing but loving, supportive care but curse you out and make sexual comments everyday of work.
3.       Budget cuts that force kids who are not appropriate for day treatment to stay here because insurance won’t pay for hospitalization.
4.       Micro-management- I am pretty sure there is no such thing as a social work job that is only 40 hours a week so if I ask to use one of MY vacation days just give it to me.
5.       When you call parents to explain the problems their kid brings into the classroom and the parents do absolutely nothing. Seriously the word “parent” involves doing something.
6.       On the other hand, the same parent who won’t do anything for me will call with issues in the home- as if I can fix it when there are no rules or consequences in place.
7.       Entitlement- both the parents and kids believe the world revolves around them. Take a sick day? What do you mean? You are supposed to be with ME everyday.
8.       Hygiene- when did people stop taking showers?  
9.       Kids are supposed to be here for help but flat out refuse to participate in any activities you plan- gotta love teenagers.
10.   Everyone hates this job so- those of us that are left- get saddled with two people’s worth of work. Hmm, I wonder why people are dropping like flies?

To wrap it up-get me out of here! I am losing my social work bleeding heart because I have to be stuck in this classroom all day. Pray for a therapist job to come through for me!!

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