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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quick Break

My mom is officially in town and I attempted to take a quick break. As soon as her flight landed in Charlotte we drove to Blowing Rock, NC. My aunt owns a condo up there and it is one of my mom's favorite places. Not to mention my Alma mater, Appalachian State University is also there!

I had less than 24 hours to spend with them because I couldn't get Monday off. Saturday we only had time for dinner but on the way home two bucks ran right in front of our car. It was awesome! I have seen a lot of female deer in my lifetime but it is rare to see a buck, especially two at the same time! The pictures are horrible because the fog took over the mountain top by then but I tried:

On Sunday I knew I couldn't stay till dinner so we got up early to have breakfast. After breakfast we just drove around. My aunt, my mom, and I love the homes in this area so we love to drive around and pretend that we have millions to buy mountain homes.
How cute is this tiny church?

I can totally afford this on a social work salary, right?
The fog was crazy all day so all my pictures look like they are from some weird horror movie. Even more shocking is that the leaves are already changing in a few areas!
My mom and I
We waited till lunch time to go shopping because Blowing Rock is still one of those good places in the world where shops don't open till late on Sundays. I love Blowing Rock's main street. The shops are cute and kitschy. The hippie vintage look is still alive
I wanted this SO bad...I resisted

On another topic I did really well on my first week of Weight Watchers. I lost 7 pounds and today is the first day I let myself cheat. Blowing Rock has an ice cream shop that sells ice cream (obviously) fudge, candy, candy/caramel apples, etc. I love this place. Even when it's snowing I always get ice cream...always. So I had to let myself indulge a little
Kilwin's ice cream- I love you so!
It was a nice, but all to quick, break from reality. I wish I could have stayed. My grandfather is also coming into town so I know I will get to see everyone again. My mom will come and stay with us for a few nights also. The mountains are always such a relaxing getaway and now I am so excited for Christmas to get here.

Hubby and I have already decided to go back to Blowing Rock to cut down our first Christmas tree as a married couple. Can't wait!

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