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Sunday, September 4, 2011


This weekend marked the last group of "local" family coming to see our place. Last night my husband's family came over to see the place and eat pizza. I gave up my normally favorite part of party planning- making dessert. Instead his aunt brought yummy brownies- of which I have the calorie laden leftovers!

His family brought over some fun gifts for our place. His mom gave me a beautiful bouquet with my favorite flowers- Gerber daisies- mixed in
Plus she gave us some coasters with our initial on them. I couldn't find an exact picture but these are close. They were actually on our wedding registry and I forgot about them!
Other than bringing us delicious brownies his aunt also brought us a new candle. I have seen these candles before but I have never had one. The candle wick is actually made of wood and when it burns it sounds like a very small fire. The candles are called WoodWick and I think they are a pretty neat idea. It is hard to find a "different" kind of candle but these fit the bill.
Hopefully, by the end of the year my parents will actually see the place! I know my mom will get to see it at the end of this month when she comes to visit. My dad is about to start a sabbatical from his church so he may be able to visit soon also. I am highly jealous of my parents because they get to go to Hawaii during this break. I like to make them feel guilty and whine about this- although I know they deserve it more than me. Maybe after I have worked in the workforce for as long as they have I will be able to pay for fun vacations like them!

Surely church pay and social work pay are equally crappy!

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