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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you?

It's hard to believe that ten years have passed since September 11th. The generation before us discusses remembering the day Kennedy was murdered but 9-11 is my moment in history that I will always remember. It is interesting that these horrible moments seem to become cemented in the American mind.

I was only a sophomore in high school when 9-11 happened. My brother had graduated from high school the year before. My friend was the first person to tell me as I was walking through the cafeteria area to go to class. I remember that even then we were not fully aware of what happened and she just old me somehting like, we are being attacked.

I remember immediately becoming terrified that there would be a draft and my brother would have to go to war as he was 18. Even now I find it odd that I knew, so quickly, that America would do something to retaliate against this attack.

Our school didn't send us home so all day long we would just move from class to class and watch news coverage. Teachers who attempted to cover curriculum realized that our attention spans were focused on something else.

The images were tragic but the American spirit was powerful. It is the first time I remember that feeling of being "together". Out of tragedy we rose up to prove why we are such a powerful country. We came together. Normal people became heroes as they helped those hurt in the attacks. It is easier to view the evil from this event but when it comes down to it we really should see how much good is in this world.

When push comes to shove people naturally want to help those in need. That is what I remember more than anything. 

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