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Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Official

I have put in my resignation. I have found a new job as of yesterday. A girl from graduate school did the best thing ever and posted on facebook that her company was hiring. Even better than that- I submitted my resume on Wednesday (she put in a good word for me), I got an interview Thursday, and they offered me a job on the spot.

I am very excited to get out of the job I am in right now. Maybe now I can go to work without worrying about my safety everyday. Now I will be an intensive in-home therapist. That's right people a THERAPIST. When it really comes down to it that is all I care about.

I can finally build on my clinical skills and stop pretending I am a bad ass in the classroom. I can feel myself relaxing already! On a negative note I had to submit my resignation today because my company likes a month notice. Actually, it went much better than I expected. I think my boss genuinely understands my career needs and that day treatment is NOT meeting those needs. My first day at the new job is going to be on Halloween...creepy??

So send out prayers that, at a minimum, this job is better than day treatment! Surely nothing is worse then where I have been-right?

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  1. Oh I am so glad for you to get out of that situation and able to ta=transition into a new job very quickly!