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Saturday, October 15, 2011

I May Have Lost My Mind

I am usually highly stressed and, quite frankly, weird about money. I worry about bills and I am constantly thinking about how to get rid of debt. I know that compared to most people I have "normal debt"- i.e= car payment and student loans.

I refuse to use a credit card if I can't pay it off. I rarely buy new clothes or stuff. I think I am living on the edge when I go get a coffee at Starbucks. Seriously, I need to lighten up. I am always making new plans on how to pay off the next big bill. It is kind of an obsession.

And then, sometimes, I turn into a girl. I need to go shopping, I need a hobby, and I want to buy something. Well this week I think I may have lost my mind because I decided I needed a fancy camera. I have no real reason why, I just wanted it.
I guess I can claim that I bought it as a late "happy graduation" gift or a "you are about to get out of your hell-hole job" gift. Honestly though, I just lost my mind. But I am quite happy with my purchase.

As per usual though, I didn't exactly think the purchase out. I forgot that my beautiful Mac desktop has out of date software- so right now I can't even upload any pictures. Nice thinking- I know. So now I have to go to the Apple store and see if I can update my software so that my fancy smancy camera will actually work.

This is why random, fly off your seat, purchases are never exactly good ideas but ultimately awesome- once you work out the kinks.

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