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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Whoopie Pies

My husband's dad and step- mom live in the New England area. His step mom was raised in Maine and the first time I went to visit them she introduced me to an amazing thing- The Whoopie Pie. I had never even heard of a whoopie pie. It is a dessert that actually originated in that area.

It is basically two mini cakes squished together with icing- and it is sweet and delicious! I really don't understand how the south has not learned about this. I mean pretty much anything sweet, decadent, and loaded with calories is a Southern food staple.

Lately I have seen a lot of recipes for whoopie pies, especially pumpkin ones- like this one from Martha Stewart:
The bad thing about these recipes is they all seem to have a cream cheese frosting in the middle.  I could live off of cream cheese frosting but as much as I love cream cheese equals how much my husband abhors it- so no yummy pumpkin whoopie pies :(

At the grocery store yesterday I was amazed to find a whoopie pie kit and I just could not resist. So for those of you who don't know the wonderfulness of a whoopie pie, there is now even a boxed version for your eating pleasure!

First you mix your batter:
Then you place teaspoon size dollops onto a cookie sheet about two inches apart:
Side note- your whoopie pies taste better if you prepare them with soaking wet hair. Its a fact. After they are on your baking sheet you kind of squish them down some:
Then they bake in the oven for about seven minutes. When they come out they are nice and pouffy.
Then you smear your frosting, squish them together, and learn about the best part of this kit! If you don't know what funfetti icing is you have missed out in life. When I was little they sold funfetti icing- which is basically vanilla icing with rainbow colored chips in the icing. It was amazing- and when I wasn't having cheesecake for my birthday many times funfetti icing was involved instead.

This kit is completed by rolling your icing in funfetti sprinkles- now you know you want some!

They are pretty cute if I do say so myself!

*P.S. Tomorrow morning I am taking my, very intimidating, therapy licensure test. The test is $300 to take and I really can't afford to pay that again- so please send prayers that I pass on the first go around!

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  1. Hey, love your new look--reference 'Saying Goodbye' pic. Thanks for the recipe tip--I just might be able to make those!